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NTK.365 #0023 Teams Walkie Talkie App for iOS and Android Phones

  NTK.365       #0023 – MS Teams: Walkie Talkie App for iOS and Android Phones   Title:   Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie App   Available:   Now Message:    The Walkie Talkie app in Teams provides instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication on Android and iOS phones. The app connects members of a Teams channel, […]

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NTK.365: #0022 MS Teams Approval App

  NTK.365       #0022 – MS Teams: Approval App   Title:   Microsoft Teams: Approval App Available   Available:   Now Message:      The Approval app in Microsoft Teams provides a simple way to create and document a request and its outcome.  The app has two very basic functions – send requests […]

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NTK.365: #0021 MS Office365 VISIO for the Web

  NTK.365       #0021 – Microsoft Office 365: Visio for the Web   Title:   VISIO Web App Now Available   Available:   Now Message:    A “lightweight” Visio web app is now available for your use.  Visit Log in with your State credentials.  If Visio is not located in the left […]

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NTK.365: #0020 – Microsoft Teams: New Search Results Experience

  NTK.365       #0020 – Microsoft Teams: New Search Results Experience   Title:   Teams Desktop Search Feature:  New Search Results Experience   Available:   January 2022 – MS will begin rolling this out in January and complete rollout by mid-February 2022 Message:      A new search results experience in Teams for […]

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NTK.365: #0019 – Teams PowerPoint Live

  NTK.365       #0019 – Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live   Title:   Microsoft Teams – Highlight and Annotate directly on PPT while presenting in Teams   Available:   Now Message:      Annotation tools are now available in Teams meetings when sharing content via “PowerPoint Live”.  Select the share content icon, scroll to […]

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NTK.365: #0018 – Microsoft Teams New Presenter Modes (Desktop Teams App Only)

  NTK.365       #0018 – Microsoft Teams New Presenter Modes (Desktop App Only)   Title:   Microsoft Teams – Sharing your Desktop or Window in Presenter Mode   Available:   December 2021 Message:    In addition to the normal share screen capability during a Teams meeting, you now have Reporter, Side-by-Side, and Standout […]

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NTK.365 #0017 – Microsoft 365 External Collaboration Request

  NTK.365       #0017 – Microsoft 365 External Collaboration Request   Title:   Request External Collaboration Capabilities with an external @Domain name using Microsoft 365 services.  (External Vendor/Partner)   Available:   September 2021 – The request form & process will be available to designated IT staff via ServiceNow.  (Contact your Agency Information Security […]

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NTK.365: #0016 – System requirement updates for iOS

  NTK.365       #0016 – iOS System requirements update Teams iOS Outlook iOS WatchOS   Title:   Microsoft updates system requirements for Teams and Outlook on iOS and WatchOS   Available:   October/November 2021 Message:    Teams on iOS: Microsoft will be retiring the Teams mobile support on iOS version 13 and below. […]

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NTK.365: #0015 – Microsoft Teams Live Transcription

  NTK.365       #0015 – Introducing live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings   Title:   Live transcription is now available in MS Teams     Available:   Now – September 2021 Message:    Teams Meetings now have a real-time transcript during meetings, as well as a post-meeting transcript.  This will help users in […]

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NTK.365: #0014 – Introducing Whiteboard

NTK.365       #0014 –  Introducing Whiteboard   Title:   Web App and Teams Meetings:  Whiteboard enabled     Available:   Rolling out now, to be completed by mid to late August Message:      Users can create and collaborate on whiteboards in the web application and in Teams meetings.  Whiteboard files are stored in the OneDrive for Business of […]

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