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NTK.365: #0004 – MS Outlook Permissions




#0004 – Outlook Calendar Permissions and Delegate Access



When is the last time you reviewed your Outlook calendar permissions or your Outlook delegates?  You may be surprised!  Take some time today to review and update.




Calendar permissions only provide view or edit access to your calendar. Delegate Access provides permission to view your mailbox and can provide send-on-behalf-of capabilities to those you authorize.  Ensure permissions are properly established for both your calendar and mail, follow these directions:

Calendar Permissions:

Calendar permissions provide the ability to establish view or edit access to your calendar.  To review, update or remove calendar permission:

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar.  From the Home Menu, select the Share Calendar option, from the dropdown select calendar.

Share Calendar


2. The Calendar Properties dialogue box will display, select the Permissions tab.

Permissions Level


3. On the Permissions tab, review each Name and their Permission Level. Update, Add or remove as needed. A “Custom” Permission Level indicates the individual is also identified as a delegate.


Delegate Access:

To review and update Delegates and their access to your Outlook account, follow these directions:

  1. Open Outlook, select File.  Then select Account Settings, Delegate Access.

Delegate Access


2.  The Delegates dialogue box will open.  If you have delegates identified, their names will appear.  If you have no delegates the field will be blank. You can choose to Add or Remove Delegates from this dialogue box.



3.  To Review Delegates Permissions, click on the individual’s name to highlight it, select Permissions, the Delegate Permissions dialogue box will appear. [Additionally, you can Add or Remove Delegates.]

Delegate Permissions


4.  Review and Update permissions as needed.  Select OK


Additional Information:

(Disclaimer: Some information covered in linked resources may not always apply or be available in the Government Community Cloud -GCC- environment.)




February 04, 2021

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