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Image of all the Office 365 project timeline.
Planning (Jan 2018 – Jun 2019)
The planning phase identified the critical success factors for deployment. It involved analysis, decision making, research of best practices, and discussions with other states that have deployed Office 365. Statewide tasks included analysis of expenditures, Microsoft Use compliance, contract negotiations, funding/procurement, reviewing environments (to identify licensing, software, and/or processes requiring change). Project management participated in Microsoft onboarding programs, and initiated work with Office of Management and Budget to define service costs.
Email and Office 365 ProPlus Pilot (Sep 2018 – Mar 2019)
DTI began transitioning to Cisco Unity voicemail and defined the secure mail process. DTI planned and executed a staged migration to Exchange Online and deployment of Office 365 ProPlus through a pilot program involving all DTI employees. Agencies, through their designated change liaisons, identified 10% of their agency staff to become Early Adopters. These Early Adopters will be instrumental in the State of Delaware’s successful deployment of Office 365 and its periodic enhancements and new features. Email domain changed to, first for a DTI pilot group in late 2018, followed by a statewide change on January 25, 2019. Mailbox migrations to cloud and deployment of Office 365 ProPlus for DTI employees were completed in March 2019.
Governance (Oct 2018 – On)
Establish, identify and select governance oversight committee; engage and onboard O365 Service Delivery Manager who will lead the O365 Center of Excellence activities.

Executive Committee
     Decision Maker -Yes/No

Center of Excellence
     Roadmap Future
     Management of Licensing, Policy, Security
     Infrastructure / Administration Subject Matter Experts
     Change Managers/Communication

User Community
     Agency IRM/ISO/Technology Liaisons
     Early Adopters
     End Users
Agency Engagement and Onboarding (Mar 2019 - Dec 2019)
Office 365ProPlus will be available for deployment in early 2019, with rollout to be determined by agency readiness. Project Office 365 Managers will meet with agencies to assess readiness for deployment, identify any technical issues, and determine mutually-acceptable timelines for deployment of Office 365 ProPlus and migration of agency email to the Microsoft government cloud.
Future Releases (2019 – On)
The governance committees will review deployment, determine needs, and set governance frameworks for Office 365 services such as:

Power BI

SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business

Skype for Business Online

Microsoft Teams

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