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Alert #011: Teams Webinar





# 011- 04/11/2022



New!  Teams Webinar

Teams Webinar Meetings are Now Available





No Action Required.  Your MS Teams application will automatically receive this new feature as Microsoft continues to roll it out to our Government Community (GCC).

Teams Calendar Icon                  New Meetings - Webinar

Go to Teams > Calendar;  meetings, webinars, and live events are the three types of Teams meetings now available.  Webinar events provide additional control for the organizer of the meeting.

Microsoft Teams Webinars provide the tools to schedule your webinar, have attendees register, run an interactive presentation, and analyze attendee data for effective follow-up.  View the videos below to learn more about the Webinar features and how to create one:

Getting Started with Teams Webinars   (2:23)

Webinars in MS Teams  (7:06)

Deep dive on presenter and attendee experiences in Webinars  (8:12)


Below is a link to a visual guide for setting up a Webinar:

TeamsWebinarsGetStartedGuide.pdf (


Distributed and Posted on April 11, 2022

(Disclaimer: Links are provided as an additional learning resource; some of the information covered may not always apply or be available in the Government Community Cloud [GCC] environment.)


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