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DTI CIO – Microsoft Office 365 Update

TO: Governor, Cabinet Members, Elected Officials, Chief Justice, Agency Heads
FROM: James Collins, CIO
DATE: April 30, 2019
SUBJECT: Microsoft Office 365 Update

Happy Spring, Everyone!
The following serves as an update on the great progress made this past quarter with the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Implementation Project and a brief summary of upcoming milestones:

  • January – all State of Delaware email addresses were updated to
  • February/March – a group of DTI Early Adopters were first to migrate followed by two successively larger “waves” of DTI staff migration. With each wave, lessons learned were documented to mitigate challenges during the larger migrations. As of March 27th, all DTI staff have been migrated to Exchange Online (EXO) and have had Office 365 ProPlus (OPP) deployed.
  • March – Agency Change Liaisons were tasked to identify approximately 10% of your teams to participate as Early Adopters. Upon engagement with each agency, the Early Adopter staff members will be the first to experience EXO and OPP.
  • April 2nd – Office 365 Enterprise Governance/Center of Excellence (COE) held an initial meeting. The COE will enable adoption of O365 Cloud Services to foster increased collaboration and innovation across State government. Its first task: develop a foundational model to rollout services across different agencies.
  • April to December – the Office 365 project team will engage with each agency to deploy OPP and migrate mail to EXO based on specific agency criteria gleaned during the assessment.

Awareness and communication of information about the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Implementation Project is vital for success. The project team developed an implementation roadmap predicated on active involvement from each agency to share agency nuances, further define the timeline and enable successful deployment. We greatly appreciate the engagement from your teams and your continued support of this significant initiative.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

You can also visit the project website at


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