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DTI CIO – An Update on Microsoft Office 365 Initiatives



TO:                          Governor, Cabinet Members, Elected Officials, Chief Justice, Agency Heads

FROM:                     James Collins, CIO Department of Technology and Information

DATE:                      January 9, 2019

SUBJECT:                 Update on Microsoft Office 365 Initiatives


Happy New Year!

I am writing to share a quick update on the Enterprise Office 365 implementation that will begin this year. The project team is working with both agency technical staff and change liaisons to identify an agency’s readiness, distribute communications, and accomplish necessary preliminary tasks.

During this first quarter 2019, the project team will focus on setting up the Center of Excellence and Executive Committee for O365 Governance; to include identifying subject matter experts and end users for participation.


  • On January 25, 2019, all current addresses are changing to [This change does not affect email addresses such as,,, or] Please note that any email sent to the address will continue to be delivered after the change to allow for transition of items like business cards, letterhead, and websites.  Agency Change Liaisons will communicate the details and the project team will follow-up with statewide email notifications to ensure awareness.
  • On February 8, 2018, the project team will migrate DTI email addresses to Exchange Online (i.e. Outlook in the Cloud). DTI will document any lessons learned for the full migration. Meetings regarding Agency transitions will follow and be based on collaboration with agency staff and readiness for an online environment.

Additional information about the Statewide Office 365 Implementation, can be found on the Project Website at Please reach out if you have any questions.


We appreciate the support of you and your teams for this major initiative!



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