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DTI CIO Provides Office 365 Transition Update


TO:                          Governor, Cabinet Members, Elected Officials, Chief Justice, Agency Heads

FROM:                     James Collins, CIO Department of Technology and Information

DATE:                      November 20, 2018

SUBJECT:                 Microsoft Office 365 Transition Update


As a follow-up to our previous announcement, I would like to update you on the State’s enterprise-wide move to Office 365. The project kicked off with a well-attended statewide meeting at Del Tech in mid-September.  The related major initiative to migrate from our legacy email domain address extension of to was conveyed to all in attendance.

Based on research of other States who have made this transition and our work with Microsoft subject matter experts, we believe it will be less disruptive and a more seamless transition to Office 365 if we pursue a switch of our email domain in the current on-premises email solution, rather than incremental changes (agency-by-agency) as was initially considered. Here is what you need to know:

  • The change is necessary because the “.gov” suffix is strictly reserved for government use only; “.us” lacks that verification;
  • The change aligns with the state’s public branding used for almost all state top level web presence  –;
  • Forwarding from legacy addresses to the new email addresses will continue to work with no set deadline to end in the foreseeable future (there is no cost associated with forwarding) thus allowing agencies time to use up existing printed materials and update email addresses on printed materials when ready for normal replenishment;
  • Once the transition to occurs, updates to state websites and online systems where full email address is used can begin
  • Switchover will occur early in 2019 Q1 while all email is still in the legacy state-hosted systems prior to migrating any email accounts to O365; and,
  • DTI IT technical staff are working with your support staff to minimize the likelihood of disruptions to processes with email dependencies. They will need all agency cooperation to make this a successful change statewide.

The DTI Organizational Change Management team is actively working with change liaisons from all your agencies to identify critical dependencies on the email address this month. Please support this effort by encouraging your staff to make this a priority. Please reach out if you have any questions.


DTI CIO Provides Office 365 Transition Update – PDF Version


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