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DTI CIO Announces O365 Transition Initiative



TO: Governor, Cabinet Members, Elected Officials, Chief Justice, Agency Heads

FROM: James Collins, CIO Department of Technology and Information

DATE: July 11, 2018

SUBJECT: Microsoft Office 365 Transition Initiative


This memorandum is intended to make you aware of a significant change in how the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) will deliver email and productivity solutions. DTI worked together with Gartner, Inc. from April 2017 to September 2017 to assess whether the State should refresh its current email environment or consider cloud options offered by Microsoft and Google. The study collected State agencies’ requirements, preferences, capabilities, and concerns regarding a transition to cloud services for email and productivity tools. Representatives from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches were engaged and all provided input through working sessions and a comprehensive survey. The resulting recommendation from Gartner was for the State, to adopt Microsoft Office 365 including the Advanced Threat Protection module for additional security protection. It was determined that this change would reduce risk, increase collaboration and support the mobile workforce of the future. Over the past several months, DTI, OMB and Microsoft took a holistic view of the State’s Microsoft expenditures and were able to negotiate through expired licensing, contract terms, potential penalties related to licensing compliance, and agreed on a contract to transition 21,000 users to Office 365 government plans. With the approval of the FY19 State Bond Bill, the additional funding required to transition has been appropriated through the Technology Fund. The Office 365 implementation will transition all State organizations and must be supported by the highest levels of government. Administration, configuration and data access will be limited to State IT staff as it is today. As part of this effort, the DTI Organizational Change Management (OCM) Team will be reaching out to your agency IRM’s to assist with identifying your specific point of contacts for the transition to attend upcoming kick-off meetings. Active involvement from each agency will enable a complete and successful implementation. We appreciate your support of this significant initiative.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


DTI CIO Announces O365 Transition Initiative July 2018 – PDF Version


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